Phantom Spirituality : Purpose

14th April 2016

We have all been taught within spiritual teachings to find purpose and more specifically that we all have a life’s purpose. This ‘purpose’ being the very reason why we are here and so we chase this ‘purpose’ we may have been told exists only to find phantoms or traces of it at very most. Should we dedicate our lives to such a phantom only to be miserable in the process, because clearly these days being miserable is the ‘highest’ spiritual virtue… In the pursuit of this phantom we experience many forms of unhappiness, pain and disharmony; do we want to keep on doing this or do we want the ‘phantom’ to clear and see what is for certain in the here and now?

You could say, you do have a ‘life’s purpose’ of sorts based on your personal story and circumstances, and while that may be true, ‘spiritual purpose’ is sold with some sort of elusive thing that many will never find and so with this in mind why should we put ourselves through such pain. Let me repeat that; whatever life’s purpose you think you have to find or chase may not exist or you may have been sold on a lie, do you want to risk your entire life on this type of thing just to result in regret, fear and loss of time with your life. Is such pain that worth it?

Yes, yes there can be some benefit to pain, but does it always have to be like this more often than not? Can we not make things so the weight of such a burden, because that’s what it is for many of us, become lifted. Well then let’s lift it and have something that benefits us in the here now and can be used straight away rather than may be never finding it.

YOU DO NOT HAVE A PURPOSE. Sit with that for a moment because there is something magical about to happen and a huge weight lifted off you when you see this revelation that has held you back for so long. Let’s stop chasing our tails in the search for this illusive phantom!

What you have is potentially more powerful you have the ability to add to a purpose! Let that sink in, you have the ability to add to a purpose!!

There are many purposes to pick and choose from and each attempt to seduce you into them for you to add to that purpose. All bidding for you to add yourself to a purpose, you have become extremely valuable in the here and now because of this, great huh?

Why do people join a company? A religion? A cult?

Why do people join an activism? A movement? A cause?

By adding to a purpose you bring your own unique value as is or one that will develop whilst you have added to that purpose! And thus adding value, meaning and extra meaningful fulfilling purpose back to you! So you get a return on adding to a purpose by getting purpose back as a result!

Why not add to a purpose that is partnerships, relationships, friendships, family’s?

We can readily add to a purpose to things here and now and the exciting thing is if you are on the ball it is to understand that there are lot of purposes out there waiting for us to be added to and they will try to pull you in. Exciting huh?!

There is no shame in adding to a purpose as some of you will still try and aim to find your ‘life’s purpose’ and whilst you can and I certainly will not stop you. This certainly makes things accessible here and now. After all when you do add to a purpose you add apart of yourself thus adding value to all that you do and interact with, isn’t that by its self such a magical and wonderful act of spiritualism?

Leave the phantom of ‘finding’ a life’s purpose behind for now and add to a purpose instead in the meanwhile, it is something you can do in the here and now! The here and now is what all spiritual teachings teach, finding a life’s purpose is not in the here and now it’s a projection outside the ‘here and now’. Spiritual teachings often say there is only here and now there is nothing outside of the here and now so adding to a purpose would and could be now.

What purposes will you add to? What ‘return’ purposes and fulfilment a wait for you? Choose carefully because many things await you adding to them!

Guardian Angel Dil