Phantom Spirituality – The real “You”

26th July 2016

So what are you beside the collective label of ‘human race’? What is it that makes you, ‘you’…?

Are you just a mind with a body, is that the real you?

Are you just a personality that lives in the body?

Are you a spirit having an experience in this body and mind vehicle?

Are you something that was a lesser creature in the universe now evolved?

Are you a god or being experiencing this life or the infinite?

Truth is you could be all of these but at the same time none and it’s not always actually relevant either. If we are here to get the most experience out of life and keep switching to any of those ideas every second, we start to devoid our experiences whichever way you look at it. The reason we start to devoid our experience here and now be it via logical or spiritual means, is because it’s providing escapism.

Guru abuse of the term the real you or ‘true self’:

You need to be really careful here; while it can be fun, interesting, entertaining, or finding out what you truly are, abusive gurus do things exactly the same as the societies, they are getting you to escape. That is they trap you in a viewpoint or vehicle of thought from the above list but geared toward the spiritual end of it so you are just a spirit or a god visiting here.

But what is worse than any of these is the abusive guru will rob you of your identity and you become a blank sheet, which they now craft with their intent. Someone with a high intent no matter the nonsense they may spout will always influence someone with a lesser intent despite their logical cleverness or capacity. That’s for a later discussion and is made clear with the 5 layers of reality information. So the abusive guru may say something along the lines of:

You are more than the human body, you are infinite and do not need to identify with it, you are to be the deep, the black and infinite at all times (that’s the catch right there at all times as is this next sentence). Forget your past, forget what you are; be it mother, daughter, sister, farther, brothers, these are labels you do not need to be part of. These labels only serve society and do not serve you. You are to operate as the infinite self and bring it with you where ever you are (That last sentence now turns you into their intent and control).

As flowery and nice as the guru may sound the guru will now lead the rest of your life as they see fit under their ideas. I have seen families separated and destroyed by such statements and gurus.

An extra warning on abusive Gurus:

Abusive gurus may take a step further by totally devoiding every last part of your life by dismantling you. Which can destroy you completely by enforcing such things as; “you are not your job, name, personality, race, you are wisdom joy and bliss and not of this earth” etc. While this can seem like it helps, it is almost certainly catering toward a type of mind set and person. The guru uses spiritual romantic words to invoke emotional states out of you which end up bending you to their will and intent, for example, “you are the deep, the black, the joy, the soulful, the dance of life”. To be clear this is someone wanting to escape and avoid their own lives because it’s easier, or their life is so boring that it ends up romancing them. This controls followers totally to the guru’s abuse of power and position. Some feel they want to improve and take this route but it isn’t like you can ‘start over again’ you are your past, your background, your life. There is no avoiding this if indeed we want self improvement but we are certainly more than this if we can get into a position to perceive so. That doesn’t mean running away from your past, we must always take responsibility for ourselves and not allow gurus to take advantage in such a manner. You are not a portrait to be erased, to then be redrawn as they see fit in their own image. That is where their abuse can come in, and granted there are some great gurus and teachers doing good work out there but most are shoddy charlatans, you’ve been forewarned.


But I am all creation and infinite I believe in nothing:

You’re still operating off a set of encapsulations like it or not. You have a body, name, and mind belonging to a collective background of some sort via your nationality, colour, genetics, etc…So you see your still operating off these and you may be able to ignore or escape this but the world and realties in which you operate in cannot. Thus responses to you will be accordingly as much as you may try and escape or be better than what you ‘are’.

I don’t like ‘fake’ people I am not fake:

Well we all act out and project different things to different people dependent on trust or the situation we need to adapt into. Some people also say that they lead a life of lies. I will make a suggestion to clarify this. I would rather say you expressed an aspect of yourself, which isn’t so relevant now, but it was still ‘you’ living and breathing it.

Multi dimensional and aspects:

I am not here to tell you exactly what you are, that’s for you to find out because even if you knew, the encapsulation of the experience and discovery is yours to own. Besides by telling you I would be falling into the same trap society and gurus often do, and that is trapping you in a point of observation and vehicle. This limits what you can do, be and feel; that isn’t my right or anyone else’s to do this to you, nor should you accept it.

So what can you go on:

Now I know some of you will think, but you’re now crafting where we should ‘think’. I am not, why? Because you are operating off a more logical or spiritual disposition without my interference of any kind way before I came into your life. I am simply acknowledging this and aiding you, what you do is up to you.

If you’re logical:

Simply look at personalities, the mind, logic, world and how you navigate life as different aspects of you. Aspects you can cultivate develop and express through various means.

If you’re spiritual:

Would be a more emotional and intuitive base in which to guide you. As I always say, “just because it makes sense doesn’t mean it’s real,” your intuition and heart will guide you beyond what seems logically solid. If you can manage both then use that to create a bigger picture for you to see. You cannot suddenly decide your both; this will come through an encapsulation that will click via a life experience from which you will then operate off.

Final message:

What you can learn by being more than what society gets you to identify with or gurus is that you can step out and see perceiving more either direction. This will allow many benefits and perhaps gets you to see beyond what you thought, that is partly the journey. Let’s get it right though, we are still here, as we are and therefore must operate multi-dimensionally, like it or not. You are human and you are more, the rest I shall leave you to discover because in the end all humans are great at making shit up. Best go with what you personally find to be ‘true’ because that is what you will operate off, even if the ‘truth’ is different than what you know for now. Oh and for a complete mind F**K sometimes what you think you operate off isn’t, hence your reality and personal conflicts in life. Unless you put yourself back in-sync with yourself you will hit brick walls. But here’s a hint, pay more attention to the affects and effect on people and life to gauge where you are at, aka ‘field testing.’

Guardian Angel Dil