Rules Guide

9th September 2017

The Main Rules – These must be followed at all times

The following rules must absolutely be followed at all times by all clients, regardless of who you may happen to be. Failure to follow them will result in immediate blacklisting from Guardian Angel and potential further action.

#1. Do Not Hijack Guardian Angel’s Energy – Guardian Angel’s number #1 commodity is his ‘energy’ without these energies physically shape-shifting, guiding, advising, demonic extractions are hampered or even outright blocked. Guardian Angels energy is: attention, awareness, understanding, focus, time, 13 week time cycle, to put this into terms you can understand easily. Do not be selfish and hijack this. Physical reality is a symptom of the energetic once you see shape-shifting first hand you’ll understand this to be exactly the case. Guardian Angel is known to those he’s helped as “The spiritual emergency services” and just as the emergency services time must not be wasted.

#2.No recordings, voice, correspondence, social media or photos of Guardian Angel – although Guardian Angel works with very high profile clients mostly, there is a strict policy on privacy and he is to be kept out of the public spot light. If you happen to be a high profile/political/royalty figure client you are to shine just like the many Guardian Angel’s has already guided, Guardian Angel is simply the background of the background which all clients have respected hence why Guardian Angel has been kept secret and remains this way.

#3. Any people who show lack of respect be it with us or in the public domain toward Guardian Angel in any shape or form digitally or print will be shape-shifted into – And who knows what you’ll reveal to us? A suitable punishment will be magically cast in accordance with your spirit and there is no escape because that can be done in front of you or remotely, your spirit will often be more severe than we ever could, so be warned! To be crystal-clear we have no interest in this type of action but fail to follow this rule and we will not hesitate. Guardian Angel can shape-shift into any form and what you fear most will be used.

#4. No drinking or drugs before or during your meeting with Guardian Angel. If you have a entity in your energy field (which may be unknown to you) then this will cause it to interfere! You want to see the shape-shifting is legitimate so please avoid any alcohol or drugs. Thank you as this is for everyone’s safety!

#5. Respect donation agreements and Value Guardian Angel – An agreement is one that must be honoured. If you get the results promised, but lie and claim you have not, it will not be us who will punish you, but your own spirit. Similarly, do not claim you can not “afford” a donation put to you in hope of negotiating a lesser donation when you know you are able to. Again, it will be your spirit that will punish you. If you’d like an example of how your spirit will punish you – We have healed clients in the past fully, only for them to refuse to donations, upon which their spirit manifested their illness to not only return but in a manner which was far worse than to begin with. When all is honoured results will remain permanent due to a contract with your spirit we all agreed.

#6. Respect Guardian Angel’s Safety – You are to do your best to ensure Guardian Angel’s safety, and to ensure that any aspects of your life that are in any way unsafe do not risk Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel reserves the right at any time to immediately terminate contact with a client if he believes there is any risk to his safety whatsoever.

Supplementary Rules – Matters of Etiquette 

We ask for the following matters of etiquette to be observed during your time with Guardian Angel. While we may allow and understand the occasional lapse, continual breaking of these rules may result in an eventual blacklist depending on the severity. We will let you know if you break any of these points of etiquette –

#7. Guardian Angel is to serve you but not be your servant hand and foot, treat with courtesy and care at all times as Guardian Angel does for you as well.

#8.Guardian Angels access is vital to be managed and earned! This will be access to new insights, skills, ‘spiritual downloads’ which may be; Information on others or future ideas/skill-sets. His friendship is earned not given freely as is access to any of Guardian Angels worlds (people, realities, because you may not have the frequency to come into that reality of others doesn’t mean being Guardian Angels ‘friend’ gives you any automatic entitlement or access! Guardian Angel staff members manage access and you must treat them with the same level of respect and care as you do Guardian Angel.

#9.Guardian Angel is never to be kept in any a reality or fixed into it by human social standards or ideals: be it relationships, partnerships, friendships. Why? Because there is only Guardian Angel currently known in the west and not of a single group tie with this level of access and ability and these encapsulations. Until others are found or others evolve to the same level then this must be respected totally because Guardian Angels mission is far greater than his ‘container’ (body/mind).

#10.Guardian Angel works in time cycles: 13 weeks (or 1-5 days if it is healings Guardian Angel office time, though the result of the healings may manifest within a longer period of time as there’s a spiritual delay  namely within 13 weeks. That time frame is specific to energy cycles /seasons for a reason!) is a basic cycle of time spent helping and instilling what is required for most, do not be offended if this is the only time spent helping your case. Do not fear your case will be solved well in advance. Some cases may take a little over a cycle and until cases are worked and solved Guardian Angel will refrain from taking on any other cases. But when your time is done you must respect it. This is where you may consider taking a Guardian Angel supplementary service which is ideal as it offers peace of mind and spirit while allowing Guardian Angel helping others. Not to mention it is cost effective for all parties in both time and money and will allow Guardian Angel to be part of your background in the background should you require something where nothing less than Guardian Angel will do.

#11.Guardian Angel isn’t your “god”, ”Satan”, “alien” or “deity” and doesn’t ask for your worship. Guardian Angel is a guide a bridge for you between worlds and peoples of different realities with out of reach insight.

#12. Guardian Angel does not help organisations only individuals, to help organisations directly would by default make Guardian Angel an ‘enemy’ to the competition/other side. Guardian Angel is allowed to help anyone and doesn’t seek or need your approval in anyway, you must respect this.

#13. You are to introduce Guardian Angel to friends and family as a business partner or friend, not a guru and not a shape-shifter or Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel is your secret, Guardian Angel is there guiding your life puzzle to be solved showing you how to find the clues ridding of any unwanted distortions or entities disturbing this path of your life. Guardian Angel will show and tell you what you need to hear and not say things to make you happy. This doesn’t mean there will be lack of empathy or understanding or humility towards your situation and you. But this means you’ll know what is needed to complete your life puzzle and resolve what’s needed to.

#14. Guardian Angel is not obligated to meet you within any clubs, societies, houses etc. Guardian Angel has designated ‘Havens’ in parts of high society in London England which may be used to help you. The help you receive is for you as an individual not for your secret society, club or organisations. Help on neutral ground, private anonymously. You will be informed where the locations of the havens are. Guardian Angel isn’t a religion, cult, secret society, club or any such thing and will not be associated with neither of those things.

#15. Celebrities are to come without their public persona and come as a human being or service will be refused.

#16. You must treat Guardian Angel staff with the same level of respect you do Guardian Angel. Failing to do so will terminate any work or dealings with you.

#17.Although we can cast any forms of magical punishment/ shape-shift into you etc it is not for sale or hire full stop do not ask as we will take offence. You’ve plenty of none sense in your worlds we aren’t adding to it. The rule above is simply that we will not tolerate such behaviour period.

#18. If you are seeking healing/help for your children then a meeting for parents before hand be vital. Because once shape-shifting is seen it cannot be unseen and the implications for your children’s reality would change instantly. Ironically you’ll learn that most children are gifted and conditioned out of it by the world. Safety emotionally and mentally is vital for all.

#19. Guardian Angel is open to help anyone no matter what they have done, there is no judgement. As long as you accept our rules and donate what is agreed you are welcome to seek help from

Guardian Angel