9th September 2017

All Guardian Angel services are individually bespoke with all your needs met by Guardian Angel and his gifted team to be served, valued and guided. Parameters of insight and safety mentally, energetically, spiritually, intently and consciously collectively will all be answered. You cannot have a Guardian Angel service until you have awoken, that will require you see physical shape-shifting by Guardian Angel, many forms can be invoked in front of your very eyes. Guardian Angel will initially physically shape-shift and reflect back what’s been hiding behind your reflection in the mirror always present staring back at you just out of visible sight. Once you’ve been ‘revealed’ it is up to you if you would like to communicate directly with “it” or simply be at peace that miracles really do exist in the world. Guardian Angel works with people’s intent added and is there to serve and be served, value to be valued. Although Guardian Angel has helped many it is no longer possible and so it will now be only to those that are encountered on his personal quest and those calling out who wouldn’t ever get the help they needed from the world on his path.

Guardian Angel Gateway- all the money in the world cannot get you into every circle, reality or places nor will it give you certain answers for life after death. Money cannot get you to get along with everyone nor can it get you to do or be everything, the invisible wall it creates between that which you throw it at may not be so under the correct intent, it may invoke people into fear against you, using you, separation of true feelings, true access which is what money may help with but never does fully. Those with lots of money know what I am talking about; money is but an actual firewall. It alienates you from many realities, people and more besides. Money in of itself cannot solve the entire world’s problems and cannot solve many of your own either no matter how much you spend or throw at the world because money is the middle man. Money stands in your way often between what you really want entirely even if bought with ‘money’ because the invisible wall still remains between what you just paid for. Many times adding in ‘conditions’ you’d rather not have if you could have got what you wanted without the need to paying someone or something off. There are many ‘prices’ and ‘costs’ money simply just cannot not quantify nor ‘afford’. Guardian Angel gateway service is designed with all this in mind because Guardian Angel understands that reality isn’t physical its energetic and therefore to be able to go into any reality, peoples or put the need a side to throw lots of money at what many could do the same things for with less is what Gateway service will do for you. Imagine being able to get into any reality, suddenly turn people around who you’d never get on with or along with. Be able to do things that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Money cannot buy you guts, courage, will, intent, bravery and stands between your love in connection to lovers, family and friends because you have to do whatever it takes to keep up appearances to your ‘trappings’ holding onto your chains trapped. Being in a gold plated zoo looking at the world from a prison most would call a palace or a mansion doesn’t guarantee the entire world at your feet or your place in the world as it should. Do not be fooled by the physical or trappings of success something things need a miracle beyond that to be present in your life, people are worlds places are simply empty spaces. Guardian Angels shape-shifting ability has allowed direct insight and although you appear successful? Your success may often feels like a curse, trap and is this really worth what is has cracked up to be? Or has it cost you more in other ways to question your life and place in the world? The world and people say they would trade anything for what you have, but would they if they were in your shoes knowing what you do now? Guardian Angel is here for you, you’ve been heard and seen past the prison of the physical world and understands that you seek other forms of value beyond the collective one of just ‘money’.

You may want this service for:

Suddenly be able to do things you always wanted to but can’t and didn’t know if you could or should.

Suddenly entering/bridging into opening new worlds and have an extremely high level negotiator at your side to influence things in your favour because it is a matter of shifting their energy into sync, not words as you may have been led to believe.

Suddenly get on with people and remove barriers that are normally not possible.

Suddenly be able to have ways to ‘even’ things between you and those who seem to think they have “less” success in life due to less money than you. The amount of money doesn’t always quantify levels of success or types of success, you understand this; those people below you do not. There is a deep rooted connection between all worlds because people are worlds, being rich in normal or poor circles alienates you into some sort of ‘god’ ‘type status when all you really want is to just fit in. The same can be true in reverse, the irony is the rich and the poor have been fooled into the physical. Shape-shifting the energy will allow you to suddenly feel and tangibly connect on the same wave length because it’s a matter of frequency.

Gateway service has the tangible power to prove to a loved one or yourself that hasn’t much time left to live that it is not the end and that there is magical miracles. Real hope is needed at this urgent time and that there is a life after death showing firsthand shape-shifting into many forms perhaps to even see someone whose long past away to be physically shown once again.

Guardian Angel Emergency- when religions, science, logic, spirituality, the law. Society friends and family have failed you, your only way out is a miracle, Guardian Angel is here to be your miracle. You are heard, you are not alone any more reach out your help is at hand.

You may want this service for:

Getting urgent and time sensitive advice in a pinch!

Have Guardian Angel on standby to help you through a significant chapter in your life from grievance, allegations, damage to your life and reputation.

Turn people or situations around over night in your favour from those that may try and harm and stop you in some way.

Harmonising you energetically and instantly making you feel better out of panic, it’s not a matter of pep talk or advice but energetic calm which is instant once Guardian Angel shifts your energy in real time on the spot.

Demonic extractions and possessions (please enquire about this) Guardian Angel is a real exorcist only we do not harm or hurt entities over the long term they come back stronger, instead we remove the glue between the human and the entity. 99% of the information out there is wrong even sending “love” energy is short term, Guardian Angel may shift directly into your entity for direct contact, and nothing beats tangibility!

Remove dark energies and or things that haunt a house/building.

Depression or suicidal; help when all things are at a loss, when things can’t be seen past today when nothing less than a miracle will do. Sometimes physically seeing “death” before death itself takes you away tangibly may be just the wake call you needed. As shape-shifting will demonstrate all things can be shape-shifted including your end of day’s situation. Entities have a habit of inducing people into such darkness that they take it as their own because the physical layer of reality has been the focus and “it cannot be real can it?” it is!

Guardian Angel Redemption– Many successful people have had to do things that have ultimately made them loose their humanity. Often rituals or actions that hurt others directly or indirectly will always lead to loss of the human aspect within. Some secret societies induce rituals that are often done so that the ones doing it collect an encapsulation that allows them to operate and see the rest of humanity as cattle. You may be “superior” with “position and status” but you’ve lost your humanity and live in a world full of humans. No amount of charitable causes, donations, confessions will ever wash away your “sins” nor gain you back your humanity in fact these actions actually are a constant reminder of your loss. The world around you has been designed so that you become forever imprisoned no matter which way you go. Those who’ve had to step all over others in a bid for their successes always bare these dilemma and issues. The commonality for all is there is no ‘cure’ in any psychology, science, logic, charity, religion; haven, hell, secret society, club, friend or family. You’ve tried all that to ‘death’ and does it make the void or loss ever less painful when all is silent? You feel alone in this, can this ever be solved? You’ve often wrestled with this and sometimes it’s unbearable?! Gaining humanity back is possible but not likely in the world, stepping out of it into Guardian Angel may just save your life and gain you back that lost ‘peace’ of humanity no matter how terrible acts you think you may have done.

You may want this service for;

Being able to recover your life back for you and those you care for.

Being able to sleep at night with peace of mind being present not being consumed by that ‘void’ or horrific act you may have witnessed or been part of in some way.

Being finally able to live with yourself and know things are going to be fine, life is about to bloom despite what horrors or mistakes you’ve done no matter what they are. Earth is a prison planet designed to push and pull you into an experience and then never allow you the courtesy of leaving; forever carrying guilt, shame and the like as a constant heart ache and loss of what once was. No amount of charitable work, religion, confession or anything like will complete what needs to be and this eternal ache and itch do not need to be present, allow Guardian Angel to help you finally complete and neutralise this in confidence.

Being able to rid of depression, anxiety, spiritual death and spells cast on you; life can go on and it will be for you once again.

We have all been good guys and bad guys in many life times perhaps you drew the short straw in this life time. Seeing your past life and many forms Guardian Angel can shape-shift into will shift your perspective for the actuality not parts of the picture that the rest of the world has sold you on. This may be the miracle and witnessing and proof you need that you’re going to be ok!

Guardian Angel Legacy- You’ve spent your entire life building it developing your life’s work, purpose, your legacy. Many have got in the way and tried to sabotaged, blocked and distorted it, they’ve been misrepresenting your legacy and may have halted or destroy it past your life time. To this day you use your entire waking moments dedicated to your legacy ensuring it does what you intend hoping it won’t be taken over or hijacked becoming something else. Even people close to you who you love dearly do not get it the way you do, is it best to leave it to them to continue and do they have the encapsulations of life’s experiences in the way you have or do? They simply depended on your intent and will not being able to carry it in the way you do and have deep down you know this, all this time you’ve spent much energy carrying them as well, energy that could have been spent better had you had the chance or heart to tell them. Guardian Angel is here to help you clear any distortions and act as your bridge helping honour your intent exactly as you’ve intended it of your life’s company, inheritances, causes, work’s and beyond. Shape-shifting of reality, communication protocols, creating safe guards, bridges and connections combined with magical knowhow and insights are here ready to serve, value and guard your intent, life’s work and legacy. There can be some opposition who understand reality using the energetic layer of magical means to stop you at all costs. Guardian Angels intervention might be the key you have long manifested but have been blocked from, because that is how energetic reality works. The physical is always a symptom of the energetic fabric nature of realty and most times that is where interaction and know how will need to occur tangibly or all may be lost when you’re gone from this life. Can you afford to take that chance and risk it all?

You may want this service for:

Ensuring safety measures, precautions are placed in your absence or beyond your life.

Ensuring people, blocks, distortions and obstacles be cleared or removed ensuring your legacy continues to grow tangibly in real time.

Ensuring that your intent is guarded correctly and “god commanded” of that by a being who can command such an act! Guardian Angel will be speaking in accordance with your intent and that of creation, physically shape-shifting to enforce your will and legacy going forward when talking with individuals who may need to be commanded in such a way. When people do not know what shape-shifting is then playing and speaking on behalf of a “god” becomes possible because how else do they explain what they just witnessed and saw? As a Guardian Angel client that is a secret to have ready by your side.

Guardian Angel supplemental services

These services gives you total peace of mind knowing help, guidance and expertise is on hand of the supernatural kind, advantage in your favour on standby. Something that doesn’t come with anything to convert to or buy into unlike religions, cults, secret societies which can compromise any ‘help’ received even if not intended directly due to what they ultimately are attached to. Guardian Angel is independent and here to serve you and is on standby! These supplementary services come in 3 distinct plans to suit your needs. Guardian Angel insurance which is advice/guidance and back up and is used as a maintenance phase after a case is solved or can be for peace of mind. Guardian Angel miracles: real magic/blessing/rituals and ceremonies all the way to marriage counselling. Guardian Angel transformation has several life saving courses giving you keys back to your life which take only a couple of days to learn and transform your life forever bypassing years worth of learning. Lower levels of shape-shifting may be taught to shift your reality and others but this will only be so on Guardian Angels discretion and getting to Guardian Angels level isn’t a technique, method or gene requirement it is a story arc completion encapsulation. Your spirit would stop you even if you ‘knew’ all the instructions. Don’t be distracted by the many distractions people call “enlightenment”, meditation, suffering in the name of getting “higher”. Getting higher is a waste of time because universal evolvement is nothing to do with “higher” but more like randomly thrown role of the dice and you have to simply put deal with it. The universe grew out of wanting to be something and have form and more forms but shapes-shifting will push you to understand that being nothing a no body is also part of that equation too.

Guardian Angel Insurance having peace of mind knowing your mental, emotional and spiritual life is looked out for always with your interest in mind and spirit. You can get round the clock advice, guidance from health to wealth. Hidden secrets will be imparted as and when you require them that money cannot buy because it’s not money that affords these things but inside knowhow. It is always good to know that no matter what you have got someone who will be therefore you and can count on, when things get tough, when everyone abandons you at your time in need that is Guardian Angel insurance. This service is an allotted time slot of hours bought up and is to be used only as when needed, it’s always good to know you’re covered no matter what life throws at you. People in your life may not always be here for you and even if they were they couldn’t give what Guardian Angel will be for you. It is not every day you have a walking miracle on standby and such this is worth its weight in gold of such peace of mind. These supplement services is invested in blocks of time and you are welcome to top them up, if they are not used then a discount will be applied at a lower rate for the following year. This is peace of mind and soul unheard of anywhere in the world and is normally a maintenance phase after a Guardian Angel case and is advised to have thereafter just in case. But this service is also for those with simply wanting peace of mind whose case cannot be fully taken on at this time and for those with not the ability to afford the prices charged per case. Remember the internet is full of help and Guardian Angel cannot split himself or help everyone so this is a compromise. This will also mean you’re to trade other forms of value beyond money such as skill sets, resources, contacts, time if needed to Guardian Angel in trade to lower the cost. Value to be valued, serve to be served by all! Guardian Angel will only serve those along his journey please bare that in mind.

You may want this service for:

Get advice and guidance in a pinch.

Get harmonised and instantly feeling instant comfort and making you feel better mentally, energetically and spiritually. Energetically tuning you back into your centre without the need for pep talks or counselling, those only help so much and aren’t instant relief. You are not something to be talked at or hyping you up out of a false pretence!

Getting help past things such as insomnia which is a psychic attack or things like laziness or feeling like death. These are signs you are being drained of energy or something has cast a spell on you.

Knowing you have supernatural Guardian Angel at your side on standby giving you peace of mind.

As a top up and back up of the emergency service in case your life may call for such a thing

Guardian Angel miracles what if you suddenly need some luck needed or something need blessing to make things in life to run smoother? Guardian Angel is here to act in accordance with all creation not tied to any religion or magical doctrine or be a “man of go” but one of connection to all creation. Real magic is only affective if shape-shifting be used because it allows submerging with reality, nature and all that is. This service is a case by case service but can be taken out like Guardian Angel insurance, a block set amount of miracle time bought for your peace of mind and spirit and loved ones. This service may not be available for all who ask and may not be used for secret societies. Because Guardian Angel is an encapsulated human (born a human) it means that even if “death spells” and such are cast it will only ever mean ‘death’ of an intent or energy never physical death. It isn’t possible to cause death or harm to another human if all human aspects are retained which is part of Guardian Angel. There are many others who may do such things but this is not Guardian Angel under any circumstances at all!

What you may want this service for:

Readings and accessing of your spirit to learn what makes you tick and operate, giving your own keys back to you, rather than life pushing your buttons constantly pushing and pulling at you.

Blessings for luck, to feel invigorated or for harmony so you can take on your life challenges.

Bonding rituals, renewing friendships, partnerships, and vows conducted by Guardian Angel.

Energy rebalancing of an environment to ward of negativity or dark energies.

Bless your new home, company or products to make them better received.

Magical customised spells with your intent amplified, to shape your reality as needed.

GA transformation Because Guardian Angel has decoded many realities its enabled many life changing secrets most would have taken a life time to master, shape-shifting reality allows for what’s in the ether to be accessed! As such there are a few extremely vital life skills you may want to consider taking on board. This service is bought in a block set of time and will be all customised to you. Refer to Guardian Angels day job identity. ‘Dil-Angelo’ of: or for extra information and other things of use!

5chi learn year’s worth of self defence in a matter of hours breaking things down exactly like matrix like fashion, no skills, strength, power or years of learning needed.

Brain metabolism– learning subjects in a fraction of the time, once you understand how to learn you’ll never need to remember ever again. This may be something you want for your children or for subjects you’re trying to master in a fraction of the time within days instead of years! Guardian Angel will access you and give you what your mental operation is to learn fast. Even students want to learning subjects who struggle can be turned around with days, with brain metabolism.

Sense matrix– all philosophies and ways of life are like vehicles and all vehicles need a world model to operate within, a car needs a road, a boat needs the ocean and a plane needs the sky. But all world models need a reality engine from which the former all operate off. To put this into context science and religions are two world models used to create vehicles in which we all operate off. But there are other world models unknown to this world. Learn to use the reality engine in and around us and throw away any books, teachers and the internet to learn daily in real time using the subconscious mind and the subconscious reality. Your life is not a destiny but a life puzzle to be solved if you understand how to read all the clues in and around you in real time. This is one of Guardian Angels secrets to gaining vast insights from “nowhere”. Guardian Angel staff have also been trained in this to find and hand you back clues your missing because reality via the reality engine is always engaging with you at all times. Be it logically in cycles and patterns or more subtlety through signs, coincidences and synchronistic means. Do not make the mistake of thinking a “sign” by itself means everything to be led all over the place, you must add everything up and it will be observable and repeatable consistently in cycles! Do not allow yourself to fall for half truths such as the law of attraction, because that can be very miss-leading because it also works the other way and that is to repel! This alone will only give you at most 1% of how the reality engine/ energetic layer work to begin with! If you think you can sit there and “think positive and picture something into reality” consistently you’re very mistaken again and haven’t been privy to the entire picture either! If you have been lead to believe you create your own reality again you are mistaken humanity hasn’t even got that far yet 99% of humanity follows, react, dwells and causality being its only real “choice”! Humans co-create yes, but fully create? No chance! This is an outright lie because humanity has been blinded from seeing reality for what it is and new age type thinking is no more than shots in the dark. Time and time and again you get gurus spouting they create reality totally, but are they want to be with what they say and why have they created so much opposition, why would they create that? For one it’s the reality engine itself from which they are all operating off that’s at fault and that does need to change which what Guardian Angel is actively doing via cases subtly affecting the energetic sea. I’d also like to cover Intuition while we are at this because it’s another very big lie and trap because “intuition” is simply a signal that can bypass the 5 senses sure and perceive more a lot information but and here the big but and that it is just a signal. And like all signals they can be distorted, disrupted and redirected from the outside! All this type of thinking is nothing more than shots in the dark yet again with parts of the picture only giving you parts of the puzzle! Sense matrix was one of the first major keys that let Guardian find his way to his abilities to begin with, no books, teachers, internet, drugs, caves or mediation! Do you think real insiders are going to give an outsider the real keys without painfully paying for it? No chance! This is exactly why Guardian Angel had to be self taught in the first place, Sense Matrix playing a huge role in that! Start to solve your life puzzle with sense matrix for yourself. The better gurus may mean well, but there isn’t any tangibility and may be scam artists unknowingly selling parts of the picture parading it as the whole picture! The ‘best’ gurus being the ones that can sell better philosophy vehicles models which they made up themselves! Find your own way back and start to master yourself via your own realities feedback with sense matrix! (You may hear Guardian Angel or Guardian Angel staff refer to this as “field testing”).

You may want this service for:

Learning 5chi, brain metabolism, sense matrix which only take a matter of a couple of days no more buying more stuff because it becomes part of you and is complete, you let reality be your guides and lessons thereafter!

Have marriage /partnership counselling .

Body disorders such as anorexia/body dis-morphia is a decoding disorder not a “mental disorder” which Guardian Angel will tangibly prove via shape-shifting and retune you back, the same is also true for disorders such as dyslexia! Again all proven tangibly in real time!

Have a depth analysis of what makes you tick and operate to fine tune and understand yourself fully!

There are also many other insights that may be of use which Guardian Angel can access through the ‘spiritual internet’ acting as a information high way. When shape-shifting is done it is created in part from an energetic vortex which allows connection to all things and people which is why Guardian angel can take on many forms. This also allows the access of those many forms in and around them giving greater insights into what would remain inaccessible and unseen normally.

Extract the next “big idea” from the ether or creative insight you or your company would pay millions for, sure Guardian Angel could go and use and do these himself? But this is pointless without the right infrastructure and this isn’t Guardian Angels focus either because energy commodity is vital it be focused correctly and there’s way too much that’s available and serves as a direct distraction to Guardian Angel but it may be useful for you. Test this and you’ll see within 24 hours! A percentage/partnership share of having this done for you on top of a block set of time is the agreement for this. Guardian Angels energy could be spent on “Making money”, but the energy is better spent on being Guardian Angel and not do what many already do in the world and make “money”. There is only Guardian Angel and that is priceless and Guardian Angel can go and get anything from any reality instead of just doing what the physical layer seems to demand people of. If you do not extract the ideas and also provided energy to it you will make no money, no matter how good of an ‘idea’. Energy first physical reality second! Infinite downloading capability at your disposal for all insights provided you add your energy to Guardian Angel to do so as that is the key.